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Popular X Grapple Rakes:  X-Series Grapple Rake  75" Grapple Rake  84" Grapple Rake   93" Grapple Rake

X-Series Grapple Rake

Payment:    Check, PayPal, Visa, Master Card, Discover

Price:    75"- $4350.00    84"- $4750.00    93"-$5150.00

Please call for current availability: 1-419-345-3966


Popular SCX Grapple Rakes:  SCX-Series Grapple Rake   62" Grapple Rake   72" Grapple Rake   82" Grapple Rake

SCX-Series Grapple Rake

Payment:    PayPal, Visa, Master Card, Discover

Price:    62"- $3250.00    72"- $3500.00    82"-$3875.00

Please call for current availability: 1-419-345-3966


Are you looking for a grapple rake that will last?  One with incredible performance and stands up against the rigors of the harsh work environment?  Many make tall claims but one brand stands the test of time year after year, FAVER.  The Faver grapple rake was designed to be the toughest, best performing attachment available.  If you've tried the numerous other brands and still find yourself dissatisfied at best, or if you're new to grapple rakes and haven't yet heard the groans of the dissatisfied many, do yourself a Faver and try a grapple rake designed with you in mind.  For more information, press Home above for additional information on how the Faver grapple rake can help you achieve your work goals with a smile.  We look forward in helping to prosper your work experience and life.